Top 10 Best Used Cars for Under $5000 That You Can Buy Today ) Top 10 Best Used Cars for Under $5000 That You Can Buy Today ( ) Please visit to support TFLcar …


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  1. My dad bought a used 2000 Toyota tundra in 03 with 45k miles. Regularly changed the oil and maintained. It lasted almost 15 years until it started leaking oil out of the transfer case. He sold it with 244k miles

  2. If you get a used LR Disco, I'd go for the 2004. You can find them under $5K and it's the last model year before the LR4. By '04, they'd fixed the oil pump and other issues. Just be ready to rebuild the drive/propshaft (to go from a sealed to a serviceable/greasable U-joint) and better, more insulated ignition wires. But, if you're not afraid to turn a wrench, it's a ton of fun.

  3. great offroad starter is a 2004 chevy tahoe 4×4! stock mid travel and you get a free lift on the front, mine is 2wd and it is extremely capable, I go threw places my friends in lifted xj's 4×4 and big tires and I just crawl up it like nothing, love my hoe :)

  4. why did you guys focus so much on off road vehicles…I understand what you guys were going for but if you look at the majority of the vehicles you chose their off road capabilites…

  5. If I were them, I'd replace the 740i with any BMW 3-series. For the most part its a good reliable car, maintenance would definitely be killer though. As long as you are ok with that though, there are plethora of them for under 5K. Sure, it's not an M3, but a very good car you can buy for under 5K

  6. We had a 1997 Volvo 850 GLT Wagon, and we loved it and it nicer had to go to the mechanics for anything other than basic maintenance. It was so awesome until someone totaled it.

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