Apple iOS 9.3.5 solves huge security problems

The iOS 9.3.5 update follows the discovery of spyware exploiting flaws that could compromise earlier versions of the mobile software.


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  1. The scare mongering of iOS is stupid. It does not matter what software you have if you click on a link opening a file or webpage you are granting it access. It is not Apples fault in that respect. However it is their responsibility to block access ways to confidential information without several layers of permission.

    Android is rapidly becoming a joke. The big new features of Nougat are not new, they have been around a while now and these are just refinements. The problem will always be fragmentation. Official figures stated only 15% of devices running Marshmallow. That is pathetic and a far bigger security risk than iOS as when an issue is found the vast majority can update. With Android you have to wait and wait and wait and by that time you have reached contract renewal and got a new phone that is not yet supported by the latest update so you have to wait and wait …. endless loop continues.

  2. Looks like the Israeli hook nose Jews won't hack into the phone for our US Government to get into once again during or till another update patch fixes what those hook nose Israeli Jew pigs find a way to mess with the iOS software ! Oh and I am protected by the U.S Constitution's first Amendment if you hook nose kikes get offended lol

  3. No it doesn't. The only thing they fixed were "security issues" which let you jailbreak your phone, which apple gets their panties in such a twist about.

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