Android tv box MXQ Instructions Watch Free movies And Shows.

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  1. hello so far your information is the best I have found, however when I go to TV show, it did nothing, i click on the link and it says "fetching" and thats as far as I can go. its the TWD, now can I watch new seasons the same time they come out? "see that" lolol made me laugh

  2. For some reason I can't get the sound to play on the movies. It works on TV shows and some kids movies but not the other movies. I have it set under sounds the default detection SPDIF. How do I fix it?

  3. Never use Zero Cache. Anything you watch actually saves to the internal memory. It will fill up and once it does, you won't be able to open Kodi at all. I would set the cache memory buffer to no higher than 400 mb.

  4. I just purchase your MX111 4K TV Box. I followed you're set up on the paperwork and nothing is happening. Could you please provide me with set by set instruction. I was even following your youtube instruction and nothing.

  5. 1 channel doesnt load any tv show lists or movies at all, salts loads tv shows and movies but when i click on a tv show it searches for streams then just doesnt load any videos..

  6. Internet connection fall very often.
    When l open one programa, lets say 1Channel, nothing appear, just the two dots(..).
    When l open something, the working spinning wheel, does not stop.
    When l open Genesis, appear the message Not stream available.
    lf somebody can post a video with all the setting (ALL), please let me know.

  7. thanks for video. I was frustrated with my box and was going to throw it away,because Kodiak was not where it was supposed to be. thanks to you I'll give it another try. if it still is not in beginning list can you help me find it?

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