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8 Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised – Viral Trends

8 Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised

This video features 8 Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised. If you wanna see 8 Cars That Made Way More Horsepower Than Advertised …


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  1. you're videos are okay, but I think you put too much videos of the cars, Everytime with no sound whatsoever which I find boring and find myself fast forwarding to the next bit of information. the information you put is too little for a 8 mins video. And I like your information and your content but the way videos are I hate tbh so yeah

  2. 1969 RS Z-28 (X package)
    listed as 290HP.
    dad's had the factory flat fiberglass hood (one of 206, if memory serves) (force air from the grill to the matched dual intake sn# carbs (3 inc. single installed from factory, )
    and the headers (in trunk right next to the mounted tire dual intake and carbs .. dealer setup)
    they were putting out a standard 390HP
    and with dad's lighter weight, it was closer to 400HP.. as is "ordered special stock"
    X series packages, under-rated (on purpose)

    moral of this story.. when your dealership owning dad lets you order a hot rod.. don't go pissing in his cheerios..
    dad got it used, with 14 miles and one speeding ticket on it.

  3. pretty much every muscle car from the late 60s early 70s had a low advertised hp rating because its what insurance companies based their rates on, the 426 hemi was the worst offender of this as they advertised something like 425hp when it really made in the ballpark of 800

  4. almost all of these, except the first two ones are based off assumptions. Rather than telling us "hurr durr people believe it makes more than advertised" instead give us actual dyno results ffs

  5. Quick Story about the JDM Sportscars. In 1988, JDM cars were limited by voluntary self-restraints among manufacturers to 280 horsepower and a top speed of 180 km/h (111.8 mph), limits imposed by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association for safety. The horsepower limit was lifted in 2004 but the speed limit of 180 km/h (111.8 mph) remains in effect. To bypass the horsepower limit, the manufacturers dyno'ed their sportscars on the highest located test facility somewhere in the mountains. By virtue of the lack of Oxygen, the engines produced about 60 HP less power than in normal surroundings and the manufacturers used these values for the authorization.

  6. There is a big differance between an engine on a Dyno versus installed in a car being sapped of power by the accessories and turning the transmission and axle resulting with what you actually get to the wheels on the ground. Every car makes more power on a dyno you idiot.

  7. you didnt list the 2 that blow all those away. the 426 hemi and the ford 427,they were sold at 425 h.p. but pure stock were making 750 to 900 hp.they were built for nascar and made much more hp than anything from gm,forget jap crap,they dont compete lol

  8. Did anyone notice the last graphic? "GM had a rule in the '60's that it's cars couldn't make more than 10 hp for every pound of the car" ?? A 36,000 horsepower GTO sounds pretty sweet to me!

  9. You forgot a few other German cars, the 2016- Mercedes "550" models claim to make around 400 has been determined to make somewhere in the 450 range, and the S-550 has dyno'd at the wheels around the same power it is claimed ot make from the engine. There are also a few classic Mercedes that claim to make somewhere close to 300 but have been observed making much more than that, such as the world famous 500SEL, one of the most famous factory sleepers, claimed to make 317HP but has been estimated to make much more due to dyno results as well as it's ability to shred the tires to easily.

  10. Honda actually does this to most of their cars. Like the 185 hp Accord actually has a bit over 200 hp. I'm sure many manufactures do the same thing. Honda does that so it gives people a reason to buy the Acura models.

  11. The fact that the Boss 429 Mustang was underrated is not a surprise, Ford did this to all of their performance cars at the time even outside of the US. British Ford performance cars such as the Lotus GT Cortina and Escort and the Australian built Falcon GT's were also underrated at the time mostly to get them past local legislature as well.
    The Australian 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3 was rated at 300 hp from the factory, Ford later admitted after winning pretty much every race that year that the real figure was more like 380 hp from it's 351 Cleveland V8.

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