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The Best Android TV Box? 2016 – Viral Trends

The Best Android TV Box? 2016

What is the Best Android TV Box for 2016? Prices & Availability: http://geni.us/BestAndroidTVBox2016 On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to …


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Comments 44

  1. the best android tv box should be the one that last long , more than 9 months .
    good quality built laptop last around 4 years without major problems , why do tablets and android devices don't do the same ?

  2. Hey I'm from the uk and I wanted to know the best android box (it doesn't have to be any of these ones in the video) that have
    Good wifi signal
    Runs fast with live TV (kodi / mobdro software)
    Cheap price
    Reasonable memory
    Won't cut out

    And I don't really need it for games because I have a PS4, I just need it for mainly TV but I want a really good running one

  3. Hallo Roberto,
    1. I had a Sony Smart Android TV previously via hotel wifi but it turned on and off by itself, or jumped channel especially jumped to Youtube in the middle of watching cable TV channel.
    2. May I know should I buy an Android TV or Android TV Box if I wish to watch Netflix?
    3. Currently I am watching via my Samsung Tablet A2 no problem but just too small screen. So can I connect my tablet to the normal Sony TV?
    Thank you.

  4. Hey Roberto!!!
    I needed to get a Kodi box in my home, However I have been planning for a long time to get a Streaming device in overseas home to stream local channels (Regional) through cable input. Obviously to do this I needed slingbox / Vulkano etc.., Can you please suggest which one can do both functions ? Basically I dont want to buy 2 x boxes if one can do both ? A box to upload cable tv to router in overseas and a similar box capable of Kodi in local. Thanks for your help

  5. Hi Roberto, just wish to thank you for your advice over the years. On your advice and reviews I had the Minix Neo z64 Android and sold that for the Minix Neo U1 as it's more future proof for Kodi 17 and a few other different features too. If you don't mind me asking once again for ur advice if u had to make a choice on having a second box in say the kids bedroom but wanted to keep the cost down as it not going to be used as much as the living room box what would you say? Minix is my first choice but I'm open to whatever as my friends and family have different budgets to me… Thank you as always…

  6. All I want is free TV shows movies and emulators, so all I need is an android box Kodi with configured options right ??? Which boxes come with Kodi configured already ?????? Or do I gotta buy a box and find a YouTube video on how to configure Kodi ???

  7. Hi everybody,
    i have got a problem with OTT TV BOX MXQ , i used it for like 10 mn after that i lost the connection with the tv and it showing no signal i changed the cable from hdmi to AV still no signal even with the remote controle i can not turn it off .
    Please do have some solution to make it work

    Thank u

    ABDOU from Brussels

  8. Hi, great reviews. Why is the Minix better than m8s plus? Is it really worth extra £60?What is ur recommended game controller for Android box? Keep up the good work. Thanks Andy

  9. What happened to the fairly new release of the SkyStream X5? It seemed to have everything including a tuner which most do not. It was released in June I think and no longer featured as a product on the SkyStream Site.

  10. Hello Roberto,
    I like your reviews but one thing bothers me, heating and heat discipation is of great concern in these boxes, I had one device that died and another that overheated and I returned it. I would like to hear what you have to say about the subject and specifically about all the new 905x based devices that are in plastic casings with no ventilator, only passive cooling.
    The only video you specifically positively mentioned heat discipation is on the ziboo x6 or x9, I dont remember which.
    Thanks alot for your reviews.

  11. Não consigo selecionar "Portuguese version here" , pois o menu de progresso/opções fica sempre por cima! – tem de ser colocado noutro lugar da janela! – não funciona em full screen esta opção!
    Já agora qual a sua opinião sobre esta "KI Android DVB S2 S805 Quad Core" – TDT e SAT?

  12. Hy Roberto . I have a question regarding an android box. I want to buy and do not know which of the Zidoo x6 Pro or DroidBOX T8-S Plus with Android 5.1.1 and VIP dualboot OpenELEC. What is the best. Tank you very much.

  13. Hey Roberto I bought the A95X and it would not let me like check my gmail, facebook or netflex.I want one that is fully loaded with Kodi but I want the Google part more. Playstore, gaming ect. What would you recommend?

  14. Hi Sir Roberto Jorge!..I'ved been watching your reviews on Android T.V box..And I just recieved my first Android T.V box which is the Mini M8s II from gearbest..I just watched your reviews about it and got informations about it from you..It's such a great start having it as my first experience on android TV box thanks to your videos..Since it is not very well known yet here in our country (Philippines) which is the Android T.V boxes..Now I just wanna ask, since it doesn't have enough information on how to use it on it's manual. Would you mind to share to us how to stream my local PC files (movies) through my TV box??..is it even possible??..Thanks in advance Sir Robert Jorge and will definitely wait for your reviews on youtube about Android TV boxes!..More power to your channel…

  15. Does any of the player converts DTS/DD+ -> DD5.1. I like to feed that to my sonos playbar which has only 5.1 Dolby Digital support. My shield TV doesnt work for me. Please confirm.

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