BBQ Horse, Artillery Truck, Pain Train and more – Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 beta is almost here and today we feature a few of the things you can do in the beta build. Horses can be barbecued, can clear amazing heights and …


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  1. The horses have way too much health ! I mean I saw people throwing DYNAMITE at the damn thing and it took a shit ton to kill it ! Even when a tank shoots it with a shell the damn thing is still alive ! It also shouldn't jump over tanks …

  2. you know how star wars has music going off while you play, I think it be cool if the game had a soundtrack for each stage as you played. have it as a option if you want it loud or silent kind of thing. I got a question for people who played this. Are emblems back? Are the perk system still there? Or some form of a "perk" system.

  3. Bayanet charges are going to be awful, you people think you hate counter knifing? How about getting locked in an animation where someone just runs around a corner charging and insta kills you before you could kill them. That right there is a call of duty mechanic.

  4. Sticky explosives have not always been a main stay of the battlefield franchise. Battlefield 1942 had dynamite that didn't stick to vehicles just like it should have, and so Battlefield 1 follows the correct suit here. C4 is a sticky explosive, only reason that it stuck to surfaces.

  5. Sponsored video:
    Horse jumping (over tanks) is majestic.
    Behemoth cannons can hit you from 200m away.

    Non-Sponsored video:
    Horse jumping over tanks is incredibly unrealistic.
    Behemoth cannon range is OP.

  6. I'm not watching a lot of the new Battlefield videos from any of the major youtubers who are putting them out, because I don't want the game to be spoiled before I get it. I want everything to still seem new.

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